Bathrooms and Shower Rooms

Are you thinking about remodelling your bathroom? or is it just a replacement bathroom suite or sink/toilet/bath or shower you require? whether it is either of these you will have two choices......

The first choice - is to spend at least double the amount you should by going to a company with lots of staff, showroom space, secretaries, vehicles,salespeople etc etc etc, all of this costs money and will ultimately add to your costs.

The second choice - is to cut out the middle man and come directly to the fitter, together we will design your new bathroom, it will be tailored to your requirements and budget. - SIMPLE!!

I cover all aspects of bathroom plumbing from a leaky tap to full installations. Tiling and wetwall is my speciality.

Wilkinson's Plumbing offer a bespoke service for your bathroom, en-suite, shower room or wet room. With a highly personalised service to meet your specific needs you can be sure in the knowledge that the service and quality you will receive is second to none and of the highest standards. From the smallest cloak room to the largest bathroom you will receive the same high attention to detail at the most competitive price. Also your professionally installed bathroom will be a perfect addition to your home and at the same time add value to your property.


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